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No person too small; no problems too big – we help them all.
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The Terrell Family Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of The Terrell Family Foundation is to provide individuals and families with community resources for behavioral health services, daily living necessities, supplies, transportation, employment, and housing to support and maintain independent living.

Our History

Established with the aim to build a better Nevada, The Terrell Family Foundation was founded in December 2017. However, Marquis and Denise realized that a shortage of community resources and a lack of mental health support and advocacy is a global issue which is why we have extended our services globally as well.

Our Advocacy

We are determined to rehab the communities we serve and to assist each person or family to prosper in all aspects of their life. With the help of our members, volunteers, and partner organizations, The Terrell Family Foundation aims to reach people from all over the world.

Secretary of Treasury


A Las Vegan for over 20 years, Michaelangelo has seen firsthand how the city has grown in a plethora of wonderful ways. Though the city has changed a lot since 1999, there has always been a constant, Michaelangelo’s love for Las Vegas, its people and his need to give back to the community. Growing up in Las Vegas, Michaelangelo participated in many clubs and classes that taught him valuable lessons in leadership, compassion, and empathy. It was during this time that he developed a deep passion for charitable work as he spent time volunteering at various AA and NA locations around the valley, as well as, psychological conferences, where his love for counseling and therapy grew. Once he graduated from UNLV with a BA in Psychology, he applied what he learned to serve his community, giving structured community-based services around the valley ranging from case management to group therapy to basic skills training and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Michaelangelo currently spends his days continuing to give back to his community and ensuring he positively affects those around him to be their best selves, hoping they in turn help to spread that knowledge to others in the Las Vegas community.

Our Founders


A native from New York, my family and I have been living in Las Vegas for 8 years currently (2019). My wife and I moved here to work in this field and become successful in doing so. Our hearts are always in the right place in addition to the compassion to see growth in the World. I have been eager to start this foundation because I believe it’s essential for more people to care for the World better. I know if I set the example and lead properly others will follow and that creates a domino effect for GREATNESS! I have attended college for Business in the Foundation of Arts, business is my passion however doing meaningful business is what matters to me. We plan to have The Terrell Family Foundation all across the USA and abroad assisting with all communities and all people.

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If you wish to learn more about our organization, contact us at 702-741-1938.